Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama's birth certificate: the reddest of herrings

Brilliant legal mind Alan Keyes--a debit to his profession--is trying to make a case challenging Obama's right to be President due to Keyes' unwillingness to accept the validity of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate.

A soldier is even refusing to deploy to Afghanistan because (he says) it would be unlawful to him to take orders from a Commander-In-Chief who doesn't have the right to be President.

This is a very old and very tired argument (or maybe I'm just very old, and very tired of hearing it). The theory goes that, because the Constitution requires that a President be a "natural-born citizen", if Obama was not born in the US, he is not a citizen, and therefore ineligible to serve.

The problem with this argument is that it confuses "natural-born" with "native-born". Someone "native-born" was born on US soil. Someone "natural-born" was--at birth--a citizen of the US by then-extant laws, treaties, etc. Since one of those laws states that it is sufficient for only one parent to be a US citizen--and no one disputes that Obama's mother was a US citizen--he is therefore a "natural-born citizen" even if he were not born in Hawaii.

Here's a very cogent article written on the subject.

Meanwhile, Keyes is still a fruit bat, and the soldier is either a coward, a traitor, or an ignoramus.