Sunday, December 28, 2008

OLPC (Ostensible Lennon Promo: Creepy/Comical)

The One-Laptop-Per-Child folks have, with Yoko's blessing, produced an ad promoting their initiative with what sounds like a terrible impression of Lennon's voice. A portion of the ad features a video of Lennon in which his mouth is made to look like he's speaking the words. It's a little better than the "technology" featured on Conan O'Brien (where a still image is shown and the mouth is superimposed with video of an actor saying something), but it's no less jarring.

Now, maybe Lennon would have been OK with the promo, and maybe he wouldn't, but I wonder why it even exists. The laptop computer hadn't yet been invented when Lennon was murdered, so it's not exactly an issue that can be closely identified with Lennon or his legacy.

Not one of Yoko's smarter moves.

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