Monday, December 29, 2008

I guess she DID get fooled again

Still smarting after the fiasco that was the fictionalized memoir of James Frey, Oprah was taken in again by another embellished autobiography by Herman Rosenblat.

Rosenblat had claimed on Oprah's show that he and his wife Roma had met at the fence of a Nazi prison camp associated with Buchenwald. He said that years later he met her again on a blind date and recognized her as the girl who had passed him food during those dark days of the Holocaust.

The problem is that, while Rosenblat had indeed been at the camp, the romance never took place. Now his book deal is being cancelled, although the film version still has the green light.

Oprah's credibility is once again in a million little pieces. Someone get that woman a copy of "Who's Next."

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