Monday, August 25, 2008

Oscar Night

Like an award winner who won't get off the stage no matter how strident the music, the Clintons will not relinquish the spotlight. While Obama takes the high road by allowing the Florida and Michigan delegations to be seated, Hillary Clinton and her errant husband threaten to upstage the Democratic nominee.

I wouldn't be surprised if there were a "draft Hillary" movement that emerged at the convention, and that by counting the properly discarded votes from the two rule-breaking states, ended up stealing the nomination.

All of these hurt feelings have arisen over the fact that Obama beat Clinton, yet did not show the appropriate deference to her or the ex-President by accommodating their sense of self-importance.

At the Democratic convention tonight, Caroline Kennedy introduced a tribute to her uncle Ted with a short film by Ken Burns on the public life of the senior Senator from Massachusetts. Senator Kennedy then delivered a short, rousing speech with a good deal of oratorical strength, remarkable considering his on-going and critical health problems.

Now that's a legacy worth celebrating. It's too soon to be concerned with the Clintons' place in history. Right now, their legacies rest primarily in having been elected. All Obama needs to do is to be the nominee. All the Clintons need to do is to assume the position.

Learn from Senator Kennedy, Hillary, and know when to give up the idea of becoming President and focus on your important work in the Senate. Don't take your cues from Ralph Nader.

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