Thursday, February 28, 2008


So, what's the big noise on Obama from his opponents?
  1. He doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin. This criticism comes from Jack Kingston (Ninny, GA), who wasn't wearing a lapel pin, either, when he appeared on Dan Abrams' show on MSNBC.
  2. His middle name is the same as that of the late Iraqi dictator...and millions of other people.
  3. He's secretly a Muslim (which he isn't, and which isn't illegal in this country anyway).
  4. The pastor of his church (whom Obama does not control) has some good things to say about Louis Farrakhan (whom Obama denounces).
Meanwhile, somebody's getting plenty of play out of the fact that John McCain was born in the Canal Zone on an American military base to American parents serving in the American military, which makes American citizen.

Not to be outdone, Bush held a press conference and was pretty much all over the map. He harped on the now-discredited-by-members-of-his-own-party notion that the Democratic-controlled Congress is not budging on their denial of immunity to the telecoms who aided Bush in his illegal wiretaps of American citizens, thereby hastening the next 9/11-style cataclysm. He was also surprised to hear that some analysts believe the price of gasoline could hit $4 a gallon in the next few months (it's about $3.17 here now).

Oh, and Nader picked some loser to be his VP.

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