Friday, February 08, 2008

Holy crap

You know, when I read that the name Mohammed has now overtaken the name Jack as Britain's most popular boy's name, I was surprised. But it didn't really sink in until I read this.

The baffled and baffling Archbishop of Canterbury is proposing that Islamic sharia law be recognized as equal to British law, and that people could choose which to be governed by.

"Can my 72 virgins be altar boys?"

I didn't realize that Britain had gone so far down on its knees as to actually fellate Muslims as they pour out of the Chunnel into Old Blighty.

Cane-wielding Calvinists invigilating over inattentive worshipers is one thing, but frowsy Stone Age freaks flaying women for having the effrontery to be gang-raped is quite another.

There are plenty of Muslim nations around the world where this kind of thing would be welcome. Why move to Britain just to turn it into a ghetto? Is it the climate? The food?

As an atheist, I'd be glad to see all religion out of the picture, especially of the "more-batshit-than-thou" variety.

How do you say "fuck right off" in Arabic?

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