Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Saudi Arabia is evil. Islamic men are evil.

Well? What would you call it?

A 19-year-old Saudi woman
  1. was coerced by an ex-boyfriend to ride with her in his car, which was
  2. attacked by men, one of whom held a knife to her throat, and
  3. kidnapped her, taking her to a deserted spot, where
  4. seven men raped her repeatedly, then dropped her off home, where
  5. her brother found out, so he hit her and threatened to kill her, and
  6. she twice tried to commit suicide, and
  7. when she went to court, she was sentenced to 90 lashes, and
  8. her attorney had his law license confiscated, and
  9. when she took her case to the press, her sentence was increased to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail,
all because she was seen riding in a car with a man who was not related to her.

Thanks for protecting her honor.

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