Monday, November 19, 2007

Review: invisibleSHIELD for Blackberry 8310

Set aside at least an hour, book some time at your local clean room, and enjoy.

It will help if you have excellent close-up vision. It will also help if you have vast experience with contact lenses, as you will be applying solution to tiny wiggly pieces of plastic. I realize these traits are probably mutually exclusive, so best of luck.

The instructions are generic. They don't show you which piece goes where. My solution was to apply all the obvious pieces, then figure out the rest from what's left.

It will help if you have experience with puzzles. It will also help if you can tell figure from ground; i.e., which is the shield and which is the leftover junk.

At the end of the hour, I had what looked like a nice new Blackberry Curve inexpertly wrapped in plastic, with millions of microscopic bubbles clinging on for their lives, and not-quite-correctly shaped edge pieces curling up. Oh, and lint, since I didn't book time at the clean room.

Perhaps I should have just gone for the screen protector, and not the "full body armor".

Shieldzone/Zagg advise leaving the phone to cure for about a day. More then.

I need a Guinness.


Anonymous said...

It may take some time to apply the invisibleSHIELD but it is definately well worth it for the protection.

Greg said...

The little bubbles did work their way out.

But if you buy this in a store, and they offer to put it on for you, do it!