Monday, November 26, 2007

And the Sudanese were doing so well...

A teacher from the Beatles' old neighborhood has run afoul of the powers that be in that bastion of empathy, the Sudan.

Gillian Gibbons was arrested in Khartoum on the charge of blasphemy. Yes, that's right, blasphemy. I would say something about "in this day and age", but it's still the 7th century over there.

Ms. Gibbons allowed her second-graders to name a teddy bear, and the name that they chose was Mohammed (Britain's second most popular boy's name, behind Jack).

Here's the little scamp:

Not the far as I know

Apparently, while the Koran does not specifically forbid images of Allah or Mohammed, there remains some fear that a depiction of Mohammed could lead to idolatry.

So I guess when Muslims threaten to murder Scandinavian cartoonists, or to deliver 40 lashes to elementary school teachers, it's not that any scripture was violated; it's that they don't trust themselves not to get swept away venerating stuffed animals. (Are these the views of grown men, or 9-year-old schoolgirls? Sorry, Sudan, I'll explain: schoolgirls are girls who are allowed to go to school.)

Perhaps giving an animal (albeit an inanimate animal) the name of Mohammed is supposed to be insulting to the Prophet (these Muslims must think he's the weakest, most thin-skinned prophet ever, since their murderous hordes are forever defending him against getting his feelings hurt).

Never mind that an enormous percentage of Muslims are named Mohammed. Surely some of them must be dickheads (a safe bet, I'll wager). How is that not dishonoring the Prophet more than naming a cuddly toy after him?

You do realize that this makes Muslims look like (a) backwards, superstitious fools, and (b) vicious, narrow-minded bullies?

I'll let you get back to your genocide now. Asshats.

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