Monday, October 01, 2007

Judgment to Rush

Drudge is reporting that Republican Congressman Jack Kingston has issued a resolution into the House of Representatives in support of Rush Limbaugh re the latter's comments about "phony soldiers".

The ass-kissing resolution reads like a commercial for Limbaugh (keywords: relentless, tireless, support, morale, solemn).

I've seen this Kingston character on "Real Time with Bill Maher". He's an empty-headed party-line-toeing dork who apparently has nothing better to do in Congress than light Limbaugh's big fat cigar.

That's OK, I guess. The House voted 341-79 last week to say how much they hated's attack on General Petraeus/BetrayUs.

Might as well waste some more time on things that don't matter while the sun sets on the American Empire.

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