Sunday, September 16, 2007

The holy month of Ramadan™

It's like it's part of the trademark: it isn't "Ramadan" or "the month of Ramadan", but "the holy month of Ramadan." According to Wikipedia, Ramadan is characterized as a month of fasting, charity, and self-accountability, a turning away from worldly affairs to focus on one's personal relationship with God.

Enter Lars Vilks, Swedish cartoonist, who depicted Muhammad's head on the body of a dog.

Photo credit: Björn Lindgren/Scanpix
"We announce in Ramadan, the month of giving, a reward of $100,000 for whoever kills this criminal and infidel," increased to $150,000 if he is " a sheep." So says the leader of an al-Qaeda group in Iraq. A reward of $50,000 was offered for the editor of the newspaper in which the cartoon was printed.

What better time than "the month of giving" to give a reward for a criminal act?

Here we go again.


Christian Newswire said...

To view cartoons by Lars Vilks visit

Greg said...

Thanks for the link. I appreciate that your organization reprinted the cartoons; I hadn't seen them.

That being said, he's no Peter Arno, is he?