Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Heroes of my alma mater

More super-brave shenanigans from law enforcement, this time from my alma mater, the University of Florida.

21-year-old student Andrew Meyer was at the microphone yesterday confronting guest speaker Senator John Kerry when University police began hauling Meyer away. He repeatedly asked why he was being arrested, but if he was answered, I couldn't hear it on the video.

Video: Kyle Mitchell
Kerry ineffectually offered to answer Meyer's question, but the situation continued to escalate until a half-dozen police had the student pinned to the ground and then tasered him.

Video: Clarissa Jessup
Yay, brave thugs (two of whom are taking a little compulsory time off).

As in other similar incidents, it looks like the tasering happened after many, many police had their subject pinned to the ground, and were uncomfortable with what he was saying.

Cops don't appear to like it when they are reminded that citizens have rights. It's a more extreme version of the familiar "hand blocking the camera lens" manœuvre favored by the truncheon trade.

Meyer was released today.

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