Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is advancement?

According to this CNN article, the Atlanta NAACP president doesn't think Michael Vick should be booted from the NFL. Vick is the Atlanta Falcons quarterback who was involved in an illegal dogfighting ring. He's expected to plead guilty; three of his compatriots have already done so, two of whom have stated that Vick participated in the inhumane killing of dogs that were performing below par.

The ironically named R.L. White went on to say (twice) that Vick was being persecuted for animal cruelty more vigorously than if he had actually murdered someone. White added that he didn't see what the big deal was with dogfighting, since it's legal to hunt game.

White described the public attention to the Vick case using the words "piling on" and "lynching". He hoped that Vick would be rehabilitated and accepted back into the fold without it harming his lucrative career. After all, White said, Vick was responsible for bringing "hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country."

Vick being black had nothing to do with the NAACP's support, since they're all about social justice. White said this while seated in front of a placard that read, "Who is your leader, God or Satan?", which was attributed to that fair-minded paragon of social justice, Louis Farrakhan. I have a pretty good idea of how the FOI bois should answer that...

"Let's maintain our humanness when we are trying to remedy the whole situation."

By all means, let's be humane about this, Mr. White.

So, thank you Atlanta NAACP for choosing this particular Colored Person to Advance.

Wait, is this the R.L. White--the Reverend R.L. White--who recorded gospel music a decade ago? The Reverend R.L. White who recorded an album called "Robots Are Coming"?? *snicker*)

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