Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The truffle-sniffing pig of racism

  1. The "offensive phrase" ("nappy-headed ho's") uttered by Don Imus is not a big deal. It's not boycott-worthy, and it's not fire-worthy. Maybe Imus should grow up, but so should everybody else. I don't listen to him anyway.
  2. The Rutgers women's team did not have their "moment of glory" (didn't they lose?) stolen from them by Imus' comments. If anything, they had it stolen by Al Sharpton's self-imposed role as the truffle-sniffing pig of racism.
  3. Oprah's efforts to begin the National Healing are overblown and unnecessary.
  4. I like the phrase "the truffle-sniffing pig of racism". The phrase itself is not racist because I'm judging Sharpton on his actions, not the color of his skin.
  5. I've never had truffles, but I hear they're good.

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