Saturday, February 17, 2007


Oprah had a show about "The Secret", a book and movie by an Australian TV producer about how to attract your desires. I guess I missed the first show, because what I saw was a follow-up. There were a couple of guys, plus Oprah, congratulating each other on how spiritual acquisitiveness can be.

One fearful audience member wanted to make sure their world-view allowed for a judgmental God. The guest with the ponytail assured her he was being sufficiently Christ-like, but judging was for sissies, and not something for Creators like himself to be concerned about.

I guess "The Secret" is this year's "Da Vinci Code" or "Celestine Prophecy". The "Law of Attraction" says "like attracts like", the opposite of magnetism I guess. It's based on a nearly 100-year-old book about getting rich. Kind of like "The Da Vinci Code" was based on "Holy Blood Holy Grail".

One of the "experts" featured in the movie is John Gray, author of the "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus" books. You remember him: he's the relationship guru who's divorced from Barbara DeAngelis, another relationship guru.

Anyway, enjoy "The Secret": strong enough for God, but made for Man.

No offense

The University of Illinois have banned their American Indian mascot of 81 years so as not to offend, well, American Indians (actually, they didn't give a shit about offending anyone, but the NCAA sanctions hurt). "Heritage, not hate," some Illini alumni say. Perhaps they'll replace the Chief with Little Black Sambo.

The Mashpee Wampanoag were formally recognized by the US (after 400 years), thus freeing them up to practice their native cultural heritage, such as alcoholism and casino gambling. Hurray, more suckling from the government teat.

Tim Hardaway, a former professional athlete, shocked everyone by revealing that he is a homophobe. As a result, the NBA said he can't join in any reindeer games. Hardaway was reacting to former player John Amaechi's homosexuality, stating that gays shouldn't be allowed in the locker room. I guess Hardaway is such queer bait that they wouldn't be able to resist his masculine wiles.

Isaiah Washington, another black homophobe, went to gay-hab to ensure his continued presence on a successful TV show, after he had twice offended pretty much everyone on "Grey's Anatomy" by being a dick
(and not in a good way) to cast member TR Knight.

Gay-hab also cured evangelist Ted Haggard of his homosexuality. He will still drink the blood and eat the body of Christ, but not in a gay way. "I'm just like Lot, running away from sodomy--er, Sodom," Haggard might have said. Don't look back, Ted.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rome, season 2

I enjoyed Max Pirkis in the role of Octavian in season 1 of "Rome"; he did a splendid job of communicating the intelligence and savvy of the future Caesar Augustus. Now in season 2, the role is taken by Simon Woods, who is positively lethal.
Max PirkisSimon WoodsPaul Bettany
Woods, who bears a strong resemblance to actor Paul Bettany, continues the same speech patterns set by Pirkis in the role, and his nearly unblinking eyes show a young man absorbing absolutely everything around him.

Great show.