Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Perp walks of life

Who uses the phrase "walks of life"? Christians, that's who. Specifically the brainwashed kind.

Have a look at this video. Here you will see a story about the Christian Embassy, an organization with extraordinary (and probably unconstitutional) access to the (literal) corridors of power in this country.

One woman gets teared up describing how Jesus Christ died on the cross (Cross?) for her sins, specifically for her sins; I didn't know they had met.

Many uniformed officers working in the Pentagon speak about how great it is to be Christian when they have such tough jobs to do. One guy says he makes time in his busy schedule to have Bible study. "The work will still be there." What work? Oh, defending our country! I'm glad he can have his Twix moment when the going gets tough.

Then again, the stated order of loyalty is to God/Jesus, family, then to country. One official remarked that a constituent had taken issue with his faith-based governing. "It comes with the package," he said. Personally, I'd vote that particular package out of office.

There is also footage of our elected and appointed representatives and defenders traveling abroad, spreading the word (Word?) for Jesus and studying ancient Hebrew folklore.

This stuff freaks me out in a Stepford Wives kind of way, even down to the group of women who support their important menfolk.

Would an Islamic group have such access? Of course not. And they shouldn't. And neither should the Christians.

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