Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bright Penny

Ick. I have a cold. Sore throat. Blah-ness. As long as I'm stuck here, I thought I'd watch Part One of the new Sci-Fi Channel mini-series "The Lost Room".

It stars Peter Krause (of "Six Feet Under" and "Sports Night" fame), and features Elle Fanning, the beautiful and charming little sister of the incredibly talented Dakota Fanning.
The story has a very imaginative premise: Krause is detective Joe Miller who investigates a strange double homicide, and ends up with a motel room key that can open any door, but which always opens into the same motel room. No matter what gets changed in the room, the next time he enters, it has been "reset" as it was.

Unfortunately, his young daughter Anna is in the room when the door closes. When he opens the door, she's gone. He now has to find her; perhaps Miss Margulies can help:
Juliana MarguliesHe discovers that the room once contained many mundane objects, such as a penknife, watch, ballpoint pen, etc., which now appear to have strange powers (the pen fries people, the knife makes someone fall asleep instantly, the watch boils an egg).

What will become of Anna? I'll just have to tune in tonight for Part Two.

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