Friday, November 17, 2006

Screwed in Seattle

The Seattle Times reports that Seattle police arrested 22 females and 104 males in a prostitution sting. Apparently, the cops had received complaints from people in the area who saw the ads on craigslist (not sure how this actually affected the complainers personally, but thank heavens for busybodies).

Craig "Craig" Newmark said, "...we would prefer that they go after violent criminals or crooked congressmen."

The head cop in charge of the sting speculated, "No young girl grows up dreaming of doing this. These prostitutes are women who have had a rough life, whether they're addicted to drugs, or they've been abused or they have some pimp forcing them into it."

Because obviously no woman would possibly choose of her own free will to have sex for money. She must be a victim at the mercy of lowlifes who patronize her. Like who, Chief?

"Bank presidents, state employees, business owners, construction workers, physicians and surgeons."

Oh, I see. The worst element. But they must have met in some seedy dive or back alley, right? No? It was an upscale condo?

"It is easy money...but these women are being exploited and it's degrading," he said. "You should hear what some of these guys have asked our detectives to do—it's disgusting."

Disgusting. To you, Chief. What some of the guys asked the women to do. Not forced. Not raped. Asked. Paid. Requested. From someone whose job it is to provide sexual services.

And in the end, all but 5 of the men were released. It is, after all, only a misdemeanor. Way to spend the taxpayers' money, Chief.

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