Saturday, October 21, 2006

TV, 10/20/2006

Daily Show with John Stewart (from DVR): Guest Kirsten Dunst was clearly not even trying to be entertaining, coherent, or follow the conversation. I think she wanted to get off the publicity bus and into her jammies.

Real Time with Bill Maher: Jason Alexander watched as Barney Frank demolished the Republican-talking-point-spouting ninny Steve Moore. Moore grinned like a jackass and toed the party line like a tiresome little dweeb. I think he thought he was "doing the comedy thing" or something, but he has a palpable lack of a sense of humor. Frank rightly had no time for such infantile nonsense.

Def Comedy Jam: Skinny host Mike Epps, dressed in his Spike Lee Halloween costume, flew around the stage like a ragdoll in between acts. Impressionist Aris Spears was pretty entertaining, but much of his act was lost on me, not being a fan of hip hop. The rest of the show featured liberal use of the word "nigga", lots of false bravado, and the odd comparison with white people. The show ended with an ill-timed demonstration of jagged, asymmetrical, uncomfortable-looking dance moves.

According to an online audience poll, most respondents (51%) preferred the third act (Arnez J), who recounted his experience receiving a colonoscopy.

But what do I know? The show isn't meant for me--although, a couple of weeks ago, I thought Katt Williams killed, and my opinion agreed with the audience (71% pro).

Didn't get to: DVRed copy of Orson Welles' butchered masterpiece "The Magnificent Ambersons".


Still missing "House", even though it has taken a noticeable turn for the worse in Season 3. What happened to the writing?? And how come Jennifer Morrison is the only principal whose title card isn't an anatomical picture?

Still liking "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" a lot, especially Sarah "doesn't play for my team but has great lips not to mention comic talent" Paulson. I liked Aaron Sorkin's "Sports Night" too, even though I'm not a sports fan, and that lasted only two seasons.

"Ugly Betty" is campy fun, but a fish out of water doesn't last long; they either learn to breathe air or get dry and crunchy. America Ferrera is appealing, and made up to disguise her real-life hotsy-totsiness. A couple of plotlines threaten to serve up "Tonight, on a very special Ugly Betty..." (ex-boyfriend/ex-NetZero pitchman, dad's health, nephew's flaming fabulousness, etc.)

"Grey's Anatomy" is an annoying soap opera. Not getting the whole "McDreamy" thing. I thought Patrick Dempsey did a respectable Fred Astaire in "Loverboy" back in 1989, but c'mon. He's hardly in the show, anyway. Ellen Pompeo: no. Katherine Heigl: yes. Kate Walsh: doesn't have to wear a fat suit for Drew Carey any more.

"Heroes" is holding my interest. Good characters, but ultimately a comic book.

"Six Degrees": Erika Christensen, Shiri Appleby, Zoe Saldana, and that woman from I, Robot are nice to look at. It's also good to see a positive role for a black man.

"Psych": Still not buying the supposed charm of James "Roday" Rodriguez, but Maggie Lawson is sweet. Dulé Hill's sidekick role is embarrassing, but hey, he has a hot wife.

"Doctor Who": The storyline about Mme. de Pompadour was promising, but the pacing was rushed. I think all the new shows have been pretty rushed.

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