Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"God is a concept by which we measure our pain"

John Lennon's lyric seemed a fitting title.

You know how it is often said about criminals like hackers, "If they harnessed that talent for Good, just imagine what they could accomplish."

I feel that way about Religion.

To me, Religion is a monumentally huge waste of energy and lives.

If that bottomless reservoir of hypocritical, hate-filled, bigoted, self-important, racist, passive, aggressive, condescending, xenophobic, jingoistic, divisive, exclusionary, smug, fearful, genocidal, absolutist, lying, judgmental, selfish humanity were tapped for some constructive purposes, we'd find we had an awful lot of time, money, and talent on our hands.

How can we have so much, and yet remain so poor?

Stop looking up for answers. It can cause blindness and a stiff neck.

Get up off your knees and stop talking to yourself. No one is listening; no one will answer.

Nothing. Something. Nothing.

That's life.

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