Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina anniversary

One year ago today, Katrina and the Waves brought their cheery pop sensibilities to New Orleans.

The band, of "Walkin' On Sunshine" fame, played to a packed house at the Superdome.

They were joined on stage by dozens of luters, bringing a medieval sound to some of their tunes.

Their manager, a Mr. Brownie, was pronounced by no less a personage than beer magnate Anheuser Busch to be "doin' a heckuva job."

New Orleans mayor and former Steely Dan member Donald Fagen arranged bus transportation for the thousands of fans to get to and from the concert.

Some concert-goers had to be turned away, so they climbed up onto their rooftops in hopes of getting a free glimpse of the show, which was odd because the Superdome is sealed up like a tomb.

After the New Orleans show, Katrina and crew went on to hit other cities on the Gulf Coast.

It's now a year later and people are still talking about the spectacle.

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