Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ted Stevens: Internet Superhero

Super Ted (05/25/2005)OK, so Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) has gotten a lot of flak over his Internet Neutrality speech, specifically over his description of the Internet as a "series of tubes".

Granted he's a windbag, but really, is this so different from a typical geek description of the network as "pipes"? Stevens goes on to describe, in his own special way, the concept of network congestion and delays in response.

Hulk TedStevens' long, stammer-filled lecture about the Internet seemed to suggest that the commercial use of the Internet was fucking things up for the consumer, what with streaming movies and other information. He doesn't appear to make the connection between businesses who stream content, and the users who consume that information. I thought Republicans were up on the whole "supply and demand" thing.

Stevens suggests that it's OK for companies like Netflix to clog up the mail by shipping DVDs to and fro, but it's not OK for on-line companies to stream content because it delays the receipt of his e-mails (what he misspoke of as "internets").

Hulk tieHe says we consumers don't use the Internet for commercial purposes (aren't consumers by definition engaged in commerce?), but for communication. The fact that we consumers are not making money by checking our e-mails leads him to express his support for a separate network for commerce that would leave alone the network that supports small businesses and families.

Am I dreaming? Is a blowhard Republican arguing for a commercial-free Internet? Like the hippies were doing in the early days of the World-Wide Web? Is he coming down against big business, arguing that it shuts out the little guy? Does that mean he's against Wal*Mart?

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