Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Missed Connections

When: Last Saturday morning, Whole Foods checkout.

You: Hot blond babe, blue eyes, sweet body, hemp jeans, hair that smelled of tangerines.

Me: Nerdy, intense, obese guy with a goatee in the checkout line two over from you.

Although we didn't speak or make eye contact, you took my breath away. I can tell your are a caring person, because you bought recycled toilet paper. And I like how you lingered over the produce, selecting just the right ingredients for your salad.

I see your into gaming as much as me from the way you glanced at that copy of Wired in the "impulse buy" rack (damn the Man!). I think it was Wired. It could of been Mother Jones. I know I'm "Jonesing" for you, my Queen! LOL! Just kidding! (but not really ;)

Seriously, I feel sure that if you met me, you'd realize I was the perfect guy for you. Not like those pretty, muscular boys that treat you badly (I'm guessing). They (probably) don't appreciate the special qualities (I imagine) you have. And hey, you know I'd never cheat on you! Ha ha!

dmvAnyway, all's I'm saying is think about it. I'll call you in a few days. How do I have your number? Let's just say that you'd be amazed what you can learn from Google, MySpace, and a backdoor into the DMV computer. (btw, your driver's license picture is AWESOME! I'm using it as my wallpaper! ttfn)

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