Thursday, July 20, 2006

Merkel and the zombie Bush neck rub

The G8 summit is an excellent occasion to get acquainted with other world leaders, like German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

Ciao, Signora Merkel.  Let us discuss fiscal policy.Ja, Mein Herr.  Und zo...Ahm own give ya neck rub, Angie!Gleek!  Was ist das?Nein!  Zis is creepy!  Get off!Ah thank Ah see smore roast pig!

Bush's blank expression conveys the sense that he slipped into the conference room before his sedatives had completely worn off.

At least Russian President Vladimir Putin was more conscious when he took liberties with a little boy:

Putin finishes inflating life-like doll he bought from the NAMBLA web site

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