Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I! Have! A! Russian! Girlfriend!

I received this e-mail:

HI! How are you doing?
I live in Russia! And my name is Julia!
To me of 38 years! And I very much want to find the clever and decent person!
There can be it you??
I liked to read about you!
Excuse that I write so a little... I long did not dare to write to you!
And I am confused a little!
Write to me on mine e-mail box
And I promise - I shall tell to you a lot of interesting...
I shall tell to you the secrets
Whole.. I wait for the letter...
Your girlfriend Julia

I'm so happy! That I have a girlfriend!! Julia!!! I can't wait until she tells to me a lot of interesting... That sounds good, doesn't it? And what's more, she shall tell to me the secrets Whole!

You poor jealous bastards....


Aylee said...

While it sounds like spam, you sure this girl isn't reading your blog and responding?

Oddly enough, that dosen't sound like a russian would speak.

Greg said...

Yes, Aylee. The e-mail didn't come from my blog.

But even if the message was on the level, I fear the geographical distance between us would present an insurmountable obstacle to a successful relationship.