Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Curse of Consciousness

The curse of consciousness is that one believes one has some degree of self-determination over and above instinct and external stimuli.

Conscious questions:
  1. What is this I see?
  2. Why is it here?
  3. Who am I?
  4. Why am I here?
  5. I see things die; will I?
  6. It scares me to think about dying; can I stop it from happening?
  7. If I can't stop it, what happens to "me"?
Atheism boils down to:
"I will die forever."
Agnosticism boils down to:
"I don't know if I will die forever."
Hymns boil down to:
"I don't want to die forever."
Prayers boil down to:
"Please don't let me die forever."
Religion boils down to:
"I hope someone can prevent me from dying forever."
The priest class boils down to:
"Someone can prevent you from dying forever."
"Only I may petition that someone on your behalf."
"It will cost you."
The prophet class boils down to:
"Someone can prevent you from dying forever."
"That someone has told me what you must do to keep from dying forever."
"That someone didn't tell you."
"That someone didn't tell the priests."
"Do what I say if you don't want to die forever."
"It will cost you."
Life boils down to:
God boils down to:

Angels dancing on the head of a pin.

Strut. Fret. Sound. Fury. Nothing.

To be, and not to be; that is the answer.

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