Friday, June 17, 2005

Run, Katie, RUN!

Tom Cruise. What a jackass.

On the Oprah show, Tom can get away with anything. He was on the show with Nicole Kidman; everyone loved them. He divorced her. Nicole came on; they loved her and sympathized. On a later show, Tom came on grinning his usual grin, and the audience wet themselves. He can do no wrong with women (other than the ones he marries or dates).

So on this most recent, now infamous show, Cruise jumped on the sofa and pounded the floor. Many times. Because he was so in love with Katie Holmes. And now they're engaged. WhatEVER. Somehow, to the moist women in the Oprah audience, a multimillionaire movie star who makes 8 figures per film can constantly rub his good fortune in their faces and they will love him for it. Handsome guy marries beautiful woman, but they adopt? Not gay, just "evolved".

I read that Tom hired a Scientoglogy minder for Katie to make sure she says all the right things. Scientology isn't a religion, it's a money-making scheme. Oh, wait. Same thing.

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