Saturday, December 04, 2004

Please attack us; here’s how

Yesterday, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson resigned, whining, “For the life of me, I cannot understand why the terrorists have not attacked our food supply because it is so easy to do.” Hey, Tommy, if you don’t think our food supply is already dangerous, I have just three words for you: “Super Size Me”.

Super Size Me DVD

Seriously, this is just another instance in a long line of politicos, pundits, and professors indulging in Monday-morning quarterbacking, with the result of telling the terrorists where they went wrong, and why X would have made a better target.

I know you’re smart. I know you know this country and its infrastructure better than foreign terrorists. Stop showing off. Stop whining about their failed tactics. And stop scaring everyone.

If you’re an expert, and you’re working to make this country safer, great. Do it quietly and get it done. The less time you’re in front of the camera, the more time you have to actually perform meaningful work.

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TwistedNoggin said...

I haven't seen it, but have heard all about it. I've been preaching about the crap we eat in America for years, but people just roll their eyes. They've never seen anyone drop dead immediately after eating that crap, and they can't grasp delayed effects.

What gets me is the low-fat foods marketed as "healthy" alternatives. They replace fat with chemicals and food that has all nutritional value processed out of it, then have the nerve to label it "Healthy!". THAT sickens me.

Hydrogenated fats should be illegal, by the way. That's so fricking obvious that it pisses me off. I hear people say "It can't be that bad or it wouldn't be legal". What idiots. The government doesn't care if you poison yourself. This isn't europe where they need fear footing the bill for your medical care. You can rot from the inside out for all they care. They pass laws against food to shut up groups who fuss about it. They don't care what is or isn't healthful.
I'd better dismount the soap-box before I get out of hand. :P