Sunday, November 28, 2004


In the recent Presidential election cycle, John Kerry was given a lot of grief for changing his mind on certain issues, and was labelled a flip-flopper. Rallies of the Republican faithful were occasions for jeering epithets of “FLIP-FLOP!” I thought I’d offer a few of my own.

In the 1980’s, we supported Saddam Hussein; now we don't.


George W. Bush used to drink like a fish; now he doesn't.


During the Cold War, the Russians were our enemies; now they're our friends.


Americans were for slavery; now we’re against it.


God never used to have a sense of humor; now he does.


Kerry/EdwardsBush/Cheney '04

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Reverend0 said...

Call me crazy, but I think God has always had a sense of humor.

The account is in Numbers 22, where God allowed Balaam's donkey to speak to him some words of wisdom that this supposedly wise man should have known himself.
Very interesting commentary on the lifestyle of the American Public which has the attention span of ferret with caffeine. Good artwork.